Monday, June 11, 2018

Healthy Habits: Pumpspotting Breast Express

pumpspotting is the app bringing women together to nurse, pump, nourish and connect. The company’s founder, Amy VanHaren is excited to launch the Breast Express Spring 2018, nationwide. pumpspotting will be touring across the country in The Breast Express RV, which is a 40-foot nursing and pumping suite to help unite communities in conversation, celebrate moms and breastfeeding advocates, and share breastfeeding stories.

“We designed pumpspotting to unite breastfeeding women and to build a community of support. What better way to further our goal and understand how to serve moms who nurse and pump than by bringing together different communities nationwide?” said Amy Van Haren. “Our hope is that this journey sparks a movement and together, we can change perceptions, places, and ultimately, the percentage of women who meet their breastfeeding goals.”

The Breast Express launched Friday, April 27th in Boston at the MIT Make the Breast Pump Not Suck Hackathon and end during World Breastfeeding Week, August 8th, in San Francisco. The RV is fully equipped with pumping equipment, relaxing nursing chairs, water and snacks to make mothers feel comfortable and will travel over 10,000 miles, stopping at more than 28 cities, surprising and delighting mothers along the way.

While on the road, pumpspotting will bring communities together to explore breastfeeding in all its forms through a Breast Express Event Series. Each community-centered event will feature a panel discussion on a topic important to breastfeeding mothers and be free and open to the public. pumpspotting will provide milk mocktails and a reception on the RV where women can connect, nurse and pump, add their name to a wall of boob art, talk with a lactation consultant, and experience the pumpspotting app.

Joining pumpspotting on The Breast Express tour and in forwarding the mission of breastfeeding support are Stonyfield YoBaby Yogurt, Aeroflow Breastpumps, Milk Stork, Cottonwood Kids, Motherlove, Patagonia Provisions, The Dairy Fairy, Loyal Hana, The Baby Show Series, lot801, Orgain, and others.

Follow the journey, sign up for events, and request a Breast Express stop at

About pumpspotting:
pumpspotting is the first-ever mobile, social network for breastfeeding moms. It is a destination where mothers can go to feel a part of a community, to share, discuss and support women going through the same stage of life. All too often, mothers find themselves in bathroom stalls, park benches, airport hallways and corporate offices pumping and/or nursing their babies with less than comfortable accommodations. With the pumpspotting app, women are able connect with other moms at a similar stage and to find resources, lactation consultants, and the best places to pump or nurse. pumpspotting provides an exceptional service that meets mothers’ needs, supports them where they are throughout their breastfeeding journey, and serves as a real catalyst to inspire women and believers alike.

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