Saturday, June 9, 2018

Pet Pointers: How Nature Keeps Your Furry Friend Grounded and Healthy

You already know that the great outdoors offers numerous health benefits for people, but did you know that animals can reap these same rewards? It's true! Your pets need a little outdoor exercise, too. Best of all, you can experience all that nature has to offer together. The next time you take a walk with your furry friend, keep these things in mind:

Exercise keeps pets healthy.

Frequent, regular exercise is great for everyone, including dogs and cats. Walking around the house is fine, but pets need sunshine, too. Indoor exercise just doesn't offer quite as many benefits as the great outdoors. Pets need fresh air and a little room to stretch their legs! Your pet should spend at least 30 minutes a day walking outdoors to keep their cardiovascular system strong and healthy. Their digestive system will also benefit from a little walk or run.

Exercise prevents weight gain.

If your pet is the perfect size now, regular exercise can help maintain that weight. If they're a little larger than the vet recommends, however, exercise is even more important. You may need to bump up the amount of time you spend outdoors until those pounds come off.

Pets need to socialize.

If you want a well-rounded pet, make sure your dog or cat gets plenty of socialization. It's not good for pets to spend all day alone - or even with their owners. They need interaction with other people and animals, too. Hit your local dog park to find some furry friends for your pup! If your pet struggles with aggression or seems timid at first, introduce new friends slowly and always keep your pet on a leash until they get better acquainted.

Pets get bored.

Can you imagine how bored you would be if you stayed inside all the time? Pets are the same way. They need a bit of variety and fresh air in their lives to combat boredom and depression. Long hikes are great for sniffing out new smells and seeing all that nature has to offer. Even a short stroll can help your pet stay happy and content.

Pets can struggle with anxiety.

Anxiety isn't just for people; many cats and dogs struggle with excessive nervousness. If your pet is jumpy or clingy, try taking them outdoors more often. It's a proven remedy for occasional bouts of anxiety - for both humans and animals.

Nature can help you bond with your pet.

Lastly, nature is always a great way to form or strengthen a bond with your pet. When you take your dog fishing or hiking, you're both gaining a sense of companionship that can make you feel closer than ever. Next time you take a camping trip, consider bringing Fido along for the experience.

No matter what, stay healthy.

While nature offers many benefits for your pets, it can also have a few downsides. When you're out exploring, keep an eye out for snakes or other animals that could harm your pet. You should also give your pet good flea and tick prevention, like Nexgard for dogs and puppies. You don't want to pick up any unwelcome hitchhikers before you head home! Finally, bring along plenty of water so your pet can stay hydrated and healthy. Now, enjoy some adventures with your best friend!

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