Saturday, June 23, 2018

Shopping Savings: MDSave

I thought this might be of interest regarding high costs of healthcare.
When a lifelong runner and marathon athlete was told he couldn’t run after a painful injury, he scheduled an MRI. He was shocked when the out-of-pocket came back to him as more than $1,500. He decided to ask around for some advice before shelling out the expensive payment.
That was the dilemma Scott Young faced before being referred to MDsave, a leading healthcare technology platform designed to help consumers find affordable costs for health care by dealing directly with hospitals and doctors to avoid the hurdles of high insurance prices. As a nuclear medicine technician in a medical clinic, Scott knew the pain of dealing with insurance companies and the frustration of the high OOP costs. By going through MDsave, he was able to save nearly $1100.
As Scott and others have learned by discovering MDsave, “it was seamless.”  
By streamlining the provider payment process, MDsave ensures patients save more and providers net more due to removing the inefficiencies of the system in place.
You can see the video testimony here:

Paul Ketchel // Nashville, Tennessee
Paul Ketchel is Founder and CEO of MDsave, the world’s first transactional healthcare marketplace. He has more than a decade of combined experience in the healthcare industry. Previously, Mr. Ketchel served as Chief Operating Officer of Diagnostics Network Alliance, and as Director for American Capitol Group, a government relations firm which represents more than 60 clients in the healthcare and crhpharmaceutical industries. Prior to joining American Capitol Group, Paul was Director of Government Relations for Elanex Pharma Group International. Before joining the private sector, Mr. Ketchel began his career as an aide to United States Senator Bill Frist. Mr. Ketchel served as an aide for the Senator on his Washington, DC staff.
Paul on OANN Tipping Point:

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