Saturday, June 2, 2018

Website Spotlight: Mazu

Mazu, a digital social media platform based on core values and family-friendly content, just announced its partnership with 2018 BillBoard Artist to Watch country artist Jessie Chris. This partnership brings exclusive content to the Mazu app that is family-friendly, positive and appropriate for kids. Partnering with artists and celebrities like Jessie creates an avenue for responsible sharing and connection with children of all ages.

Jessie Chris, an anti-bullying advocate who has supported the Ad Council’s #BeMore Campaign and Disney’s #ChooseKindness campaign, will share songs, inspirational quotes and vlogs of inspiration through the Mazu app directly with kids and families. Jessie will join the ranks of other inspirational people and groups around the globe who create good known as “Mazu Makers” in the app. Former Harlem Globetrotter Harold “Lefty” Williams will also be a Mazu Maker sharing age-appropriate, core-value based content.

Content from Jessie Chris like recorded original songs, inspirational videos and content will begin rolling out in the app immediately. Mazu will continue to build a stable of influencers, artists and celebrities who share in their mission to join the Mazu app. The company hopes to onboard more “Mazu Makers” by the end of 2018, helping them reach, inspire and enrich the lives of their youngest fans ethically.

Mazu is currently being used by over 300,000 individuals who are passionate about building a digital village where children can explore, share and connect safely. The app is available through the Apple and Google Play store.

About Mazu
Mazu is an alternative social media platform for families and children of all ages on a mission to create a digital village for kids to thrive. Mazu is founded on core values to help users embrace the positive power of social media in a safe, curated space that is free of bullies, with the goal of creating the future “digital citizens” of tomorrow. By allowing users to be themselves Mazu creates real, honest experiences without the competition of likes or views. Mazu is available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores. For more information visit:

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