Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Amazing Apps: Pet Smooch

Like proud parents showing off pictures of their kids, dog owners love sharing photos and videos of their furry friends on social media. Besides the “awww!” factor that adorable dogs and cats attract, all the posting about your lovable four-legged animal can create more awareness of you and expand your social network.
Pet-Smooch is a new app where users can create profiles for their pets and start sharing photos and stories about them, letting the world know just how wonderful, entertaining and lovable they are.
Kris Todonda, CEO of Max & Molly LLC and co-creator of the new app, said that PetSmooch is all the fun of your favorite social media networks, but totally animal centric.

About Max & Molly LLC
Max & Molly LLC is a Tampa, Fla.-based company specializing in pet-centric services. The company has two mobile apps in the social media market that specialize in pets. Most recently the company launched the first-of-a-kind pet social media-only app, PetSmooch, with market niche functionalities, and this fall they will introduce a second app. The management team is led by pet entrepreneur Kris Rotonda (co-founder/CEO) and Robert Otillar (co-founder/CEO). The company has also formed a parallel 501C3 non-profit to channel its community outreach efforts.

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