Monday, July 30, 2018

Consumer Critique: Polaner Fruit & Maple Spread

I love breakfast. When I was in college, sometimes I would eat "breakfast foods" three times a day - they were easy, inexpensive, and versatile. I still love having toast for breakfast or a snack, and it's fun to try out different topics. I was happy to review Polaner Fruit & Maple spreads, a brand new offering from the brand.

The products contain no extra ingredients or fillers - fruit, fruit concentrate, maple syrup, and pectin (peach contains citric acid as well). Right now it's available in raspberry or peach. The taste is great. My family loves raspberry jelly and really misses the fact that we moved away from our raspberry bushes. Normally I'm not a fan of peaches, but my husband really liked that flavor.

Polaner products can be found at a variety of retailers including Cub, Lunds & Byerly's, and Walmart.

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