Monday, July 23, 2018

Dating Tips from T. Naomi Williams

However, fulfilling relationships that lead to marriage are possible, and author and dating coach T. Naomi Williams tells women how in The Five Star Man: Dating Handbook for Women Only!
Between the covers of this wit and wisdom filled debut, Williams shares her practical approach to evaluating five key qualities in men that can make or break them as dating prospects. 

Her are some great tips to help you on your dating journey.

(For women who want to be respected)

  1. Don’t pursue.
  2. Don’t settle.
  3. Don’t disrespect yourself.
  4. Don’t tolerate abuse.
  5. Don’t date without standards.
  6. Don’t sleep around.
  7. Don’t place yourself in unsafe or dangerous situations.
  8. Don’t dress inappropriately.
  9. Don’t give of your resources.
  10. Don’t seek revenge
  11. Don’t date a text-only guy.
  12. Don’t date without the 3 c’s – Communication, Consideration, Consistency.


  1. He’s married.
  2. He’s intimidating or violent.
  3. He’s never calls.
  4. He doesn’t work.
  5. He lives with mom.
  6. He won’t say where he lives.
  7. He only visits after midnight.
  8. He won’t take you out.
  9. He’s living with someone.
  10. Preoccupied with his cell phone.

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