Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Do you really have a good Bedroom?

People don’t know the definition of good bedroom because good bedroom is all about having good bedding accessories rather than having good colors on walls, having costly stuff of decoration into the room. 
Of course having some good stuff into your room makes it decorative not comfortable. Also you can be comfortable with that kind of room it looks cool attractive may be luxurious what want you really want from your bedroom?
This is the question why I’m writing this article and answer is good sound sleep. 
For good sound sleep you should have good bedding material like fitted & flat sheet only, pillows and pillow cases, comforter and duvet covers, Body pillows and to make your bed attractive you can use bed skirts, using bed skirts you can hide stuff you kept under the bed. There is one more thing that is black and white reversible duvet cover. You can have two colors in one duvet cover. You can have choice. 
In your bedroom your bed plays very important role. It makes a room, Bedroom. If one is not comfortable with bed I don’t consider that bedroom is ideal bedroom. 
Your bed should be like, if you go to your bed a feeling should come that you want to have deep sleep on it. 
There is very important role your bed plays in your life!!! Even your bed can have impact on your work. You may hear some thoughts like “Bed is just a decoration in busy men’s bedroom” but if you are busy man, then it is more important to have good bedding accessories because “Your good last night makes your next day good” and good bedding accessories makes your night good. 
If you will have sound sleep you will fell fresh next day. You will not take so much time to come out of the bed. Good bedding stuff let us take sound sleep, which is really a need of life. Peoples should take care of it. 
In this era of competition, peoples have forgotten everything. They don’t even think of food and sleep. So much of workload takes stress and frustration they should have luxury bedding, actually! Everybody needs luxury bedding.
Luxury bedding means not having so much costly bedding accessories but 300-400 thread count linen bedding accessories to have good sleep. There may be some up vote and down vote for this but it is enough. It do not cost so much and also maintain luxury in the sense of living standard. 
Colors and patterns in bedding accessories makes good decoration so, you can choose according you decoration purpose also. 

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