Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Enriching Education: Super Me

How many children spend their summer break promoting brain health for preteens?That is why Alex and Sophie Sherzai stand out. Alex age 13 and Sophie have developed a book and program called Super Me that promotes brain health in preteens. Their program called for proper nutrition, exercise, entertainment, and learning. They believe show that taking care of the brain takes care of health. Alex at age 13 is entering college and Sophia is soon to follow. Even more amazing is that Alex and Sophia are donating all profits from their book and program to charity.

I had a chance to email them to learn more.

1.    What was the inspiration behind Super Me?

We are always going to different communities to help and serve, and whenever we went to certain communities, especially low socioeconomic communities we would see so many kids who were unhealthy. We saw profound numbers of kids experiencing obesity, and when we did research we saw the incredible numbers of kids with obesity, and how many also had diabetes, and other health conditions that were not prevalent in the past. Given that we were always interested in the brain, and given that mom and dad are neurologists and neuroscientists, we did research on the effect of lifestyle on the brains of kids. We were shocked to find out that the period of time when the brain is growing the fastest is childhood, and the things that are affecting brains the most during childhood (food, exercise, stress, sleep, and complex real life mental activity) are not being addressed in school systems, tv, media, or for that matter anywhere. We wanted to do the research and make a difference for those kids. 

2.    What was the most surprising thing about launching this program?

That when discussing this with others -- Every single person said this was probably the most important topic, and that they would support it.  Everybody parents and kids saw a need for this and were enthusiastic about this program and wanted to be a part of it.

3. How can parents making brain health engaging for kids?
First letting them know about the true potential of their brains, and that the full power of the brain is almost like magic and a super power. Also that every little thing they do -- be it healthy food, exercise, proper sleep, and special brain activities, can seriously build the brains capacity and after a period of time each kid can reach levels (like a video game) that they would never have believed before. Also that more is achieved in small steps, and that if they learn planning and how to create successes they can build every aspect of their life -- almost at a super hero level. 

Alex and Sophie are the authors of Superme and have developed a brain development program for preteens.  Alex is 13 and Sophie is 11.  Alex is already attending college and Sophie will be starting college soon.  All the profits of their book and program are donated to charity.  Additional information on them, their book, and program may be obtained at www.superme.org

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