Saturday, July 7, 2018

Rage Room - Unleash Your Anger

Bad moms-take your power back! Have you ever needed a cathartic release to express your anger and ‘tear it down’? Do you wonder what a healthy avenue would be to unleash the anger within in a safe space? Watch the latest craze sweeping the country here:

Based on this craze, the new web series, RAGE ROOM, from critically lauded showrunner and actress, Summer Chastant, is a must-see dark comedy about the newest activity taking the country by storm – beating the s*** out of things in order to release your anger and rage. website: 

Summer Chastant, creator of the extremely popular short web series, ‘Namaste, Bitches.’ (which had millions of views), recently launched her new original episodic as a substantive Emmy contender for Best Short Form series. Each 3-5 minute episode of the hilarious RAGE ROOMseries showcases a diverse cast of characters with compelling appearances including those of Sarah Lancaster (on the left in this photo)(Chuck. Everwood) and Matt Biedel (Mad Men,Altered Carbon).

The show also features the protagonist's riveting mother, a lesbian couple with a twist, a former lover with a vengeance to get even and an ex-husband all unleashing their anger by smashing plates, glasses, video recorders and numerous personal items that belong to their now-hated former loved ones in a room specially created for this purpose. The show is directed by Charles Herman Wurmfeld (Legally Blonde 2, Red, White & Blonde). 

I had a chance to interview Summer to learn more.

What was the inspiration for Rage Room?
My inspiration to create Rage Room came from the 2016 Presidential Election. I saw how enraged people were, and still are, over the political chaos. I knew that we would be exposed to an extra level of stress - mental, physical, emotional -  that most of us had not experienced in our lives. And there would have to be an outlet for that stress. I'll admit, I personally found release by going out to my driveway and smashing some old dishes! As a writer I wanted to create a piece that was cathartic for people to watch and know that they weren't alone with those feelings. My goal was to create a compelling story where people had a safe outlet for their universal rage, a RAGE ROOM. 
Why will it strike a chord with moms?
As a writer and creator it is imperative that I don't judge my characters so that they can be fully fleshed out. Along those same lines, I believe that we should not judge our emotional response to something. Rage is a human emotion. We all experience it. How do we embrace it in a healthy way? Mom's see their children run the gamut of emotion. We know that when a child has a tantrum eventually that child will wear herself out. Mom's have the same emotions but also the responsibility of where and how those emotions are expressed.I think every mom could use a rage room, have a "tantrum" and then return with less frustration, at least for the moment. 
How can moms find a healthy outlet for their stress?
These Rage Rooms are popping up all over the country. I've seen Rage Ground here in Los Angeles run packages from birthday to bachelorette parties. Because rage is a taboo emotion for women, we haven't had a true outlet to release these feelings. And we are enraged (whether we admit it or not). So it's not surprising that these anger rooms are patronized more by women than men. 
We all know yoga at this point. My first series NAMASTE, BITCHES ( exposes the underbelly of the yoga world. This show, RAGE ROOM, asks what's the other side of the "zen" coin? What have we not explored? We can find light in the darkest of places and in a safe way. 

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