Monday, July 2, 2018

Shopping Savings: Space Shaker Lux

SPACE SHAKER LUX is a portable high-end shaker bottle that expands, so you can bring your powdered nutrition with you. No more big bottles in your bag, no more pre-mixed drinks, no more protein degradation, no more clumps. Pre-order at www.spaceshaker.comCurrent Price: $25.
The full campaign will launch on Wednesday, June 27. This will include the SPACE SHAKER GO and SPACE SHAKER CLUB membership. The CLUB box will come with a pre-paid return mailer bag inside. Every used bottle recycled/returned will be converted into playground equipment for underprivileged communities.

• Reusable
• Compact, expandable design is easy to store in gym bags and purses
• Built-in mixer breaks up clumps with no loose parts
• Bellows design make it easy to grip
• Dishwasher-safe
• Compatible with any powdered supplement
• Available for preorder in 4 sleek colors -- Silver, Ash (matte silver), Onyx (matte black), and Jet (reflective black)

The single-serve line, SPACE SHAKER GO, features a very similar innovative expanding design as their LUX bottle but in a disposable version, filled with a high-quality, ultra-filtered Whey isolate powder. The Gluten-Free, ultra-filtered protein packs 35g of protein, 1g of sugar, and 1g of fat in four different flavors. Simply expand, add water, shake, and drink.
Visit to learn more. Early participants receive up to 50% off the SPACE SHAKER LUX. 

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