Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hy-Lite Acrylic Block Products - Privacy and Beauty for Home and Business

From privacy panels to windows to interior shutters, during the past 30 years Hy-Lite® has manufactured hundreds of thousands of acrylic block products. Since 1988 the company has solved design and privacy issues for architects, builders and homeowners by crafting stunning acrylic block products for homes, businesses and television and movie sets in the United States and across the globe.

I didn't know much about acrylic block products, so I did an interview to learn more.

What advantages does acrylic have over glass? Acrylic block products are timeless. They serve as both a design element for the home or a commercial project along with offering privacy. In our three decades of manufacturing we’ve truly seen growth in requests for these unique units; this is a product that people continue to embrace.

What might surprise people about acrylic blocks? Their versatility. Acrylic blocks can be used to create a variety of window shapes and sizes. They can be made to be fixed in place or operable, such as a slider, awning, casement or hopper window. Also, because of their versatility, acrylic blocks can be made into shower walls, room partitions, interior shutters and door inserts. People are often surprised that these adaptable products can be used in any room of the home to add privacy and style.

What do you attribute to your company's longevity? As long as there are houses, people will have a desire for privacy in their homes. Our long company history comes because builders and homeowners appreciate the privacy and style design that acrylic blocks add to the home. While primarily used in master bathrooms, our decorative glass and acrylic block products can also be found in living rooms, home offices, kitchens and other rooms throughout the home. Our Made-in-America acrylic block windows and products in particular are the cornerstone of our company.

How can consumers explore options from Hy-Lite? There are several ways to discover Hy-Lite products. First, visit our website at to view the full range of products we offer. Then, if you’d like to order a custom product online, visit the “Shop” section of the website. If you would prefer to work with or through a home improvement store or contractor, then contact us and we’ll happily help you find a dealer in your area.

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