Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mealtime Magic: Snacks for Picnics or Back-to-School

I'm a teacher, which means I'm gearing up for back-to-school - but also enjoying the summer I have left with trips to parks and picnics with my kids. It's nice to have snacks - both healthy snacks and those that are treats. Here are some of the snacks we've enjoyed so far.

Crackers, pepperoni, and cheese - it's easy, it provides protein, and my kids love making "mini-sandwiches."
Carrots and peanut butter (sometimes with raisins) - my take on "ants on a log" because I don't like celery.
Berries and yogurt - my kids like different kinds of berries, so I bring a mix, and yogurt for dipping with toothpicks makes it a little more fun.
Superfruit Mix from Welch's Fruit Snacks - I was sent these as a sample, and I'll let my kids have them as a treat. They are made with real fruit and contain vitamin C, so it's better than candy, but my kids will eat them as happily as they eat candy. The superfruit mix contains some new fruit snack flavors: pomegranate-passionfruit, starfruit-kiwi, dragonfruit-blackberry, a├žai-blueberry, goji-apricot. (It also gave us a chance to explore some fruits they'd never heard of.)

Any of these options are easy inclusions in a picnic basket or lunchbox and are kid friendly for kids of all ages.

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