Monday, August 13, 2018

Parenting Pointers: Back-to-School Shopping Tips from Sara Skirboll

What are some must-have products for this fall?

Pack It All Up

First, students can’t go back to class without a backpack. Jansport is the quintessential backpack brand for every grade, and they have even come out with new designs and patterns for just about everyone. This durable brand also comes with a lifetime guarantee – which is perfect because a Jansport never goes out of style. Your student is sure to use this for more than class and for years to come. Head to for all of the different colors and patterns for just about everyone.

For The Stylish Student

Sometimes a traditional backpack just clashes with your outfit, so for all of the style gurus out there – look to Tobi for that perfect backpack accessory. This clear bag is perfect for college football tailgates and basketball games since many stadium require clear bags to enter events. Don’t stress about what you can/can’t bring to the next game, and clear goes with everything! Shoppers can find this and other must-have styles on for under $40.

De-Clutter Your Closet

It’s no secret that dorm rooms can feel like a shoebox – especially when it comes to closet space. The Joy 50-piece Huggable hanger collections is the perfect way to keep a wardrobe organized. Not only does this set come with a variety of hangers for every type of clothing, but it also comes with two organizers that fit under the bed. Save even more space and hide the clutter to make your dorm room the perfect home away from home. Head to to find these hangers in every color under the sun.

Caboodles Are Back

The nostalgic 80’s brand, Caboodles, has made a revival. An accessory for all ages, Caboodles makes it easy to keep cosmetics and toiletries organized in colorful cases. It is also perfect for a dorm room as the case is easily portable and can be packed up and carried from dorm room to bathroom with no hassle. Shoppers can find these at Urban Outfitters and right now they’re offering students 10% off sitewide.

Keep Track of Everything

It can be a huge pain to lose something while you are on your own. Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you keep an eye on all of those essentials that often go missing. Think cellphones, student IDs and dorm and car keys. The Tile allows you to locate items by sound when they’re close enough but out of plain sight. When a phone is misplaced, for instance, Tile makes it ring to locate it—even if it’s left on silent mode! Find this crucial item and other electronic essentials at Best Buy, and get 20% off one select regular priced item. Fun fact: You can get a pack of four for under $50!

How can parents keep their kids looking stylish while saving money?

Layer It On and Bag It Up

During the fall, cooler temperatures prevail during the mornings and evenings, so it’s important to equip your kids with clothing they can layer. I suggest picking up hoodies, cardigans and more at Old Navy, where you can save up to 50% off select jeans, dresses, tees and select fleeces.

Pottery Barn Kids is also here to get kids excited for back-to-school shopping. The store collaborates with celebrity stylists on supplies with popular characters, such as these Harry Potter backpacks. These durable bags feature smart designs with extra padding, strong zippers and internal pockets for all the things your little one might need to store. Shoppers can buy their favorites now and take advantage of 70% off all backpacks.

It’s All About Comfort

Comfort is everything, especially when kids are running around the playground. Gap’s new SUPERDENIM is the softest, stretchiest denim that empowers kids to do all the running, jumping and sliding their hearts can handle.

Gap also launched its Justice League collection, which rocks the concept “The Power of Us,” aiming to encourage and inspire kids through teamwork. Looks from this campaign include varsity Batman jackets, graphic tees, cardigans and superhero-themed lunch bags. Let your little ones be heroes themselves, and take advantage of Gap’s code for 40% off your purchase.
Embrace Creativity

Target’s clothing line for kids, Cat & Jack, is all about inspiring creativity, both inside and outside the classroom. With splatter-paint styles and bold, colorful attire, Cat & Jack lets kids express themselves. Some looks from this collection include rainbow shoes, khakis, slip-on boat shoes and tons of graphic tees.

Back-to-school can be a stressful time for many students, but styles from Cat & Jack encourage a positive energy and happy attitude toward the school year. On top of these great apparel options, shoppers can also find back-to-school supplies for as low as 50 cents at Target. 

Switch It Up

Teens always want the latest trends. One important thing to keep in mind when back-to-school shopping for this age set is a versatile wardrobe. Giving your high schooler the ability to mix and match different prints, colors and ways to layer will be much-appreciated.

Sears has great options for kids of all ages, and teenagers can shop looks that include band tees, floral-print dresses, denim jackets and chambray shirts. On top of the clothing options Sears offers, it also has JanSport backpacks in nearly every print. Shop these looks, and take up to 60% off clothing and shoes.

Shop Smart

Don’t leave free money on the table! With the RetailMeNot Mobile App for in store shopping andRetailMeNot Genie browser extension for online shopping, you’ll always have the best deals and cash back offers available to you – without any extra steps!

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