Thursday, February 21, 2019

Book Nook: You've Got This! Keys to Effective Parenting for the Early Years

Parenting can be hard, especially at the beginning. There are tons of parenting books out there, and most of them are very good, but each one has a particularly thing that sets it apart. I had a chance to review You've Got This! Keys to Effective Parenting For the Early Years. This book focuses on the immediate, practical solutions that parents can use for particular situations. It can be read all at once, or parents can keep it as a reference when a particular situation comes up. Either way, it is concise, clear, but written with enough flexibility that parents can adapt the advice to their own families.

The book covers:
· Attachment and bonding
· Establishing bedtime routines
· Addressing challenging behaviors
· Handling picky eaters
· Developing both gross and fine motor skills
· Screen time recommendations by age level
· Making the transition from preschool to kindergarten
Martin draws on her years of experience both as a parent and a daycare owner, addressing the issues that she has encountered over 4 decades, and compiling the advice she has given to thousands of parents.

It's a good resource for any parent and deals with situations common up through the preschool years. It has a friendly, helpful tone that can inspire confidence in parents who may not be quite sure what to do.

About the Author
Christine Kyriakakos Martin ( holds a B.A. in Child Study and a M.S. in Early Childhood Education. She is the founder and owner of Sunshine Preschool in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Martin is an early education consultant and expert who has spoken on child development topics at colleges and education conventions nationwide.

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