Monday, December 2, 2019

Book Nook: Pickles the Dog, A Christmas Tradition

I had previously reviewed Pickles the Dog, Adopted, a book about Kat training her adoptive dog. The book won several awards, including  being a 2019 Distinguished Favorite in the Independent Press Awards and a finalist in the Indie Book Awards, as well as winning two awards for cover design. 

I recently had a chance to review Pickles the Dog, A Christmas Tradition. This has a Christmas spin on the relationship between Pickles and Kat sharing her Christmas traditions. What I loved was that it used the pickle in the Christmas tree idea, but didn't call it a German tradition (which I've seen incorrectly claimed). In fact, in the book it doesn't talk about it where it came from much at all, but it does make a fun story that Pickles finds the Christmas pickle! There's a hidden pickle on each page for kids to find to add to the fun as well.

Kat Socks
Kat Socks is very passionate about animals and believes every animal deserves a loving home. She enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering as a pet therapy handler. Kat loves to give back to her community in many ways, but her favorite way is by donating a small portion of the sales from her book to animal shelters.

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