Friday, November 19, 2021

Book Nook: An Extra Dose of Love

I recently had a chance to interview children’s book author Muriel Fitzpatrick who has published “An Extra Dose of Love.” 

In the book, Santa’s elves rush to save Christmas as readers learn about the spirit of giving and how this timeless message can be used any time of the year. Throughout the beautifully illustrated pages, readers will follow along as the resourceful elves use technology and a positive attitude to locate a missing toy from Santa’s sleigh. This triumphant holiday tale ultimately will bring joy to young readers and their families while teaching them valuable lessons of honesty, friendship and giving.

Why did you write this book?

I wrote this book to entertain children with a new twist in the Santa/elf story. We see many stories about the holidays, but I wanted to bring attention to how the elves may be feeling around this time of year.


What makes kids so excited about the holiday season?

The holiday season should be full of love, kindness, family, and who doesn’t love that? It is a stop in many families’ normal schedules to celebrate their holiday traditions, giving kids something to look forward to every year. 


Why are books like this fun even for families who don't have a Santa tradition in their house?

“An Extra Dose of Love” tells the story of a young elf who puts more into his job than just labor… he puts in his love. A wonderful lesson for us all! As an educator, I always want to share valuable life lessons throughout my children’s books so that children can always be learning.

About the author
Muriel Fitzpatrick is a children’s author and retired teacher. She began her career as an accountant, but while raising her children, she fell in love with children's literature and education. She received her master’s in Elementary Education and Special Education from Saint Thomas Aquinas College in New York. Fitzpatrick became an educator in regular and special education and continues to inspire children to never give up and always try to be their best selves. She currently resides in Massachusetts. To learn more, please visit

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