Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Smart Safety: Parental Safety Concerns


Parenting is arguably the most difficult job and seeking to be better informed on today’s family safety and parenting,  SafeHome.org conducted research polling 2,500 U.S. parents asking questions related to raising children. 
The Parenting In America Report breaks down various safety concerns parents across the country share, tips for digital, water, social media safety and more. It also gave participants the opportunity to tell SafeHome.org what they consider age-appropriate when it comes to certain topics or activities. 
Some of the key findings are as follows:
>>Fifty percent of ER visits are for children 0-3 years old, and many of these injuries can be prevented by diligent childproofing.
>>Most parents agree that 5 years old is the age when children can have access to a smartphone or tablet; however, parents of older children felt they gave their child their own devices too soon and suggested waiting until they were closer to 13.
>>Twelve years old is the age when most parents sharply reduce supervision since this is when they usually allow their tweens to have their own smartphone and do most activities unsupervised.
>>Despite social media safety being the top parental concern, over 20 percent of parents have no internet regulations for their children. This jumps to one in three parents of 13-15-year-old children.
>>Concerns about school safety rise significantly as children enter high school, perhaps due to the increase in high school shootings over the past two decades.
For a full look into the study please see: https://www.safehome.org/family-safety/parenting-in-america-report 

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