Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Website Spotlight: Chinese Tea 4u

The website chineseteat4u is exactly what the domain name says - a place where you can get Chinese tea. I don't know much about tea, or different kinds of tea, but the site claims to sell premium Chinese tea at a good price. Their site includes black tea, green tea, oolong tea, pu erh tea, gongfu tea, and more.

Even though I'm unlikely to buy tea from their website for myself, since I don't drink tea, they do have flavors that sound intriguing if I did. They sell tea sets, as well - and that's something that I enjoy looking at. My grandma used to collect tea sets, and I have some of her collection. They're so pretty and add a fun touch to our kitchen. Some of the sets involve these options if you're looking for a Chinese wedding tea set. The sets are all slightly different, but are all very nice looking and would add a bold touch of color to your kitchen or dining room.

They also have options if you're looking for other styles of tea sets. They're even similar to a themed party my daughter attended, where the birthday girl wanted a My Own Fairytale fancy tea party. My daughter even won one of the party games and came home with a beautiful little porcelain tea pot. It was a cute party, and the host did a really nice job of making sure my daughter (who doesn't really like super girly things) was still able to express her own personality (and avoid pink, which she hates).

Most of the tea sets I have come from Germany, although we do have several from a potter who throws pots and cups and other beautiful works of art in a Japanese style. But after browsing through this site, there are definitely some other styles that I think are really nice looking!

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