Thursday, December 4, 2008

World Wisdom: Green Irene

I'm going to take this week's world wisdom entry to highlight a company designed to help you go green: Green Irene.

Green Irene bills itself as an eco-consultant for your home. They have two main services: a Green Home Makeover, which is a 60-90 minute, $99 walkthrough of your home with recommendations for environmental and money-saving solutions; and an EZ Bulb swap-out with a $50 upfront deposit on the costs of the bulbs, designed to replace every bulb in your home with CFLs and provide you with an easy method of recycling the CFLs when you're done. The Makeover looks at nearly every aspect of environmental-friendliness: energy conservation, energy efficient lighting, water conservation and purity, reducing toxins and waste, air quality, safety, and your home's carbon footprint.

Green Irene also offers home parties (like Tupperware parties) where you can get a mini-makeover and rewards based on the sales generated by your party.

If you're interested in doing this type of flexible, home-based work, Green Irene is looking for local consultants in many areas. Be a Green Irene gives you much more information about that part of the Green Irene company.

Green Irene isn't for everyone, with the upfront cost of the makeover. However, it is a convenient, easy way to get your household moving on the right track if you'd like it to be more environmentally friendly!

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