Thursday, February 27, 2014

Website Spotlight: Yiftee Pro

YifteePro is a web service that simplifies gifting for professionals, businesses, or people with long lists of friends/family to whom they want to send gifts. YifteePro allows people to upload a list of employees, customers, clients, partners, patients, prospects, etc., choose a gift from many local merchants and national brands, personalize as they wish, and send. The recipient immediately gets the gift message and can redeem the gift at a merchant local to them anytime in the next 90 days. YifteePro connects businesses and professionals with their local communities and the merchants who make a living there.

There is no cost for merchants to offer gifts via Yiftee, no technology required, no discounting and it brings new customers into their shops and restaurants. Local business owners can sign up in less than five minutes here for free.

Using YifteePro for business gifting has certain advantages over plastic gift cards and other promotions. First, there is no waste. If the recipient does not redeem his/her Yiftee in 90 days, the value is returned to the gift giver. Second, YifteePro saves time with personalized group gifting. Third, gift givers get real-time results including many delighted “thank yous!” “

Yiftee is an exciting new mobile app, web service and API (Application Programming Interface) that lets consumers and businesses send thoughtful, unexpected gifts to friends, family and colleagues quickly via email, text and Facebook®. Recipients pick up their Yiftee gifts using their smart phones at their favorite local restaurants and shops, driving profitable business to those merchants. Merchants gain additional sales, foot traffic, an eGifting capability like the big retailers and a free mobile/web sales channel.

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