Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Nook: Rescued for His Glory

Honest, refreshing and inspiring, Rescued For His Glory (Love Clones Publishing) presents sixteen stories of women who make a commitment to make dramatic changes, discovering in the process that their lives mean so much more than they believed at first.

"Our desire is to reach every race, creed, and gender to encourage them to confront the very fear that has been holding them back from pursuing their lives. We want people to know that they are not alone. In the book, we become transparent, telling our real life stories, so God's people can relate and be set free,” they write.

Life is difficult. Rape, abuse, financial hardships, chronic illness and addiction are part of being human, and the authors of these true stories don't pretend otherwise. But as ordinary people, they were granted the strength to overcome their obstacles; you can receive that same miraculous grace. The inspiration to look for miracles is found in the pages of Rescued For His Glory. Time after time, these women faced God's tests, and turned them into testimony.

Wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, preachers, healthcare workers, leaders, administrators, teachers, entrepreneurs: the sixteen authors present the unvarnished truth of God's power and mercy in a powerful and accessible format.

I had a chance to email the authors to learn more.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?
The Literary Leader, Joyce Samuels, was inspired to begin this collaboration when she began to write her own story and realized that many other women must have gone through a life changing experience at least once in their lifetime. She reached out and gathered us together to tell our stories from tragedy to triumph, dispair to hope. 
How did you choose the stories to be featured in the book?
Each author gave a brief description of what they had gone through prior to the book coming together. The publisher and Ms. Samuels created the layout and order once the final excerpts were completed. 
Can you give some advice to people who are currently struggling to overcome a difficult situation?
DO NOT GIVE UP!!!. Believe in what God has created you to be. What you have gone through or what you have done was not to destroy you. It was a process that you went through to bring you to your expected end. There is purpose and destiny in you.  
What advice do you have for those who want to help and support other women as they struggle?
Pray with these women; be a great support system; research on how to find shelters and an escape plan if necessary.  

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