Saturday, August 22, 2015

Website Spotlight: Booktrack

Booktrack encourages students to get back into school mode and hit the books through a proprietary technology platform that adds music and ambient sound to eReading. Booktrack delivers Hollywood-style soundtracks synchronized to the student’s reading speed, making reading more enjoyable and exciting while also improving test scores. Moving beyond the audio book, Booktrack offers both book and music loving students a fun, enhanced experience while reading. Studies from NYU and Auckland University have revealed that Booktrack increases reader engagement by 30% and reading comprehension by 17%.  
Booktrack Classroom, available for free to K-12 grade teachers and students, has become a powerful tool for teachers to help fuel student’s interest in reading. It dramatically improves student literacy and enriches the reading experience by allowing students to add a movie-style soundtrack to a story or create their own soundtrack to enhance their writing. More than 6,000 educators worldwide have adopted the Booktrack Classroom app to help thousands of students with creative writing, essays, novels and poetry. Easily accessible on iOS, Android, PC and Mac, parents can also get involved with their kids to create their own Booktracks through Booktrack Studio, motivating both kids and parents to read, write and enjoy a fun AND rewarding entertainment experience.

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