Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Website Spotlight: Rdio

Rdio, founded by the creator of Skype and boasting a collection of over 30 million songs, is the social jukebox music junkies need in their lives! 

Play what you want, when you want with on-demand listening, or turn on a station for a perfect mix of songs selected just for you. Listen anywhere – the web, your phone, tablet, smart TV and more! No internet? No problem. Rdio even supports offline listening and was uniquely crafted with the listener in mind, allowing that special someone to individualize their own unique profile, customize playlists, and even share their favorite finds with friends and family. Through an exclusive partnership with Cumulus Radio, subscribers now even have access to nearly 500 traditional AM/FM radio stations!

Rdio also has special packages available for students and families at discounted rates. Remember – music is better when it’s shared!
·         RDIO SELECT - $3.99/mo
o   An enhanced mobile plan, combining stations and on-demand listening. Subscribers have unlimited access to stations with zero advertisements or skip limits on mobile and devices such as Roku and Chromecast. Keep an on-demand collection of 25 songs at any given time to enjoy anywhere you want (yes, even offline).
·         RDIO UNLIMITED - $9.99/mo
o   Experience the best of Rdio, no matter where you listen. With Rdio Unlimited, the jukebox is completely in your control. Listen to any album, song or playlist on demand (even offline). Subscribers also receive unlimited access to stations with no ads or skip limits anywhere.

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