Monday, November 23, 2015

Book Nook: Granny Giltter's Christmas Story

Christmas is not so much about opening presents as it is opening our hearts. In “Granny Glitter’s Christmas Story,” artist and graphic designer Andree Siracusa (aka Granny Glitter) tells the true story of her dog Koko, a blind Chow Chow puppy she saved from euthanization at a pet store during a round of Christmas shopping for her other pets.

After his rescue, Koko adjusts to his new home he shares with Venus the Doberman, Twinkie the Pomeranian, Marker the parrot, and the neighbor’s cat, Scratch. After some tender loving care and some eye drops, Koko soon receives the best Christmas present of all -- his eyesight.

I had a chance to review this story, designed to teach children and their parents the importance of giving all pets a chance, as well as emphasize the Christmas spirit of giving. “We, as humans, can learn from the unconditional love we receive from animals,” Siracusa said. “It’s important that we give that unselfish love in return.” Even though they cannot speak our language, or perhaps it is that we cannot speak in theirs, the true meaning of Christmas and unconditional love can be found within our pets.

It's a simple, cute story, with a happy ending - perfect for those young kids who need to hear a story that reminds them to give people (and critters) a chance.

About the author
Andree Siracusa is an artist and graphic designer in Florida. She has many pets, including dogs, birds and horses. She has published many other children’s books: “A Doberman’s Puppy Days,” “The Hole in the Fence,” “A Horse Named Charlie” and “The Egg Surprise.”

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