Friday, January 22, 2016

Consumer Critique: Moodsters

The Moodsters, five lovable little detectives (Coz, Lolly, Snorf, Razzy and Quigly), come to the rescue whenever their friends, Zach and Zoey, have a feelings emergency. The stories and toys teach simple strategies to build social and emotional intelligence skills in young children. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is defined as the ability to identify and manage one's own emotions as well as the emotions of others. Decades of scientific research has shown that children with EQ skills are better able to manage their thoughts, feelings and behavior. 

I had a chance to review the Moodster Mirror, and it's cute. It helps kids practice facial expressions and associate them with emotions, teaching them not only what they might look like, but also how to recognize emotions in others.

Little kids often don't have good ways to practice learning about emotions, and parents don't often have the necessary tools to help them. These products, which also include a Feelings Flashlight and Moodster Meter, come with books that help kids use the tools to learn about, measure, and express their own emotions.

Now available at Target stores nationwide and on, each toy + story book set retails at $19.99! 

Feelings Flashlight™ and Storybook- an electronic flashlight that features The Moodsters character images with voice affirmations and fun play activities so kids can explore their feelings, helping them to process and understand their emotions. “The Scary Sleepover” storybook to complement the Feelings Flashlight with a story to take the “scary” out of bedtime. The night of the treehouse sleepover is finally here, but the backyard is full of spooky noises and dark shadows.  The Moodsters help their friend, Zach, face his fears – and save the sleepover!
Moodster Meter™ and Storybook- an electronic “feelings thermometer” with character voices helps little ones learn a vocabulary for their feelings so they can express their emotions. “Meet The Moodsters” storybook. When seven year old Zach’s magic trick goes wrong, he has to deal with a big mess—and some big feelings! The Moodsters will need to use their best detective skills to help Zach understand how he feels and get his good mood back. Grab your detective hats and get ready to help The Moodsters solve the case!
Moodster Mirror™- an electronic mirror with character voices to help kids recognize their feelings and non-verbal cues, which is a key EQ skill. “A Time to Be Kind” storybook. Zach and his best friend, Sam, love to ride their bikes together. But when something terrible happens to Sam’s bike, Zach has a tough decision to make. With a little help from The Moodsters, Zach, learns how kindness can make things right in this heartwarming story that explores the true meaning of friendship.

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