Thursday, January 14, 2016

Consumer Critique: Shoeps

SHOEPS are flexible elastic snap-on gizmos that replace traditional shoelaces. They come in a variety of colors and fit neatly in sneakers. Ideal for the weekend athlete, kids or elderly who have trouble tying laces or anyone who wants to clean up or customize the look of their shoes.  ($10 per pair at

I had a chance to try these out, and they were super easy to use. My daughter has to have tied shoes for PE class, and although she can tie shoes, many different shoelaces keep coming untied (even if we try avoiding the granny knot, although that helps). These were secure on her shoes, and because her shoes are small, I had enough to use on my jogging shoes to see how they felt. They were comfortable and secure; they had enough give to allow me to put my shoes on, but were tight enough to provide support for the light jogging and activity I do. The bright colors are fun too!

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