Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Consumer Critique: Smart Sheep Dryer Balls

If you’re one of the millions trying to live sustainably, then Smart Sheep Dryer Balls are a green solution for your household. Created by busy Utah mom Christine Krogue, Smart Sheep is an all-natural fabric softener that encourages not just sustainability, but offers energy savings by reducing drying time. Krogue, who runs Smart Sheep with the help of other Utah mothers, created these long-lasting dryer balls without the use of chemicals, making them safe for the whole family. They can be used for up to 1,000 loads and carry the added convenience of fluffing fabrics while softening your family’s clothes.

The dryer balls are made of 100% New Zealand wool and have no synthetic materials like plastics or fillers. This makes them quiet in the dryer and gentle on clothing. The felted wool balls help reduce static cling, but unlike disposable and liquid fabric softeners, Smart Sheet won’t leave behind any residue in the dryer.

I had a chance to try out a package. They really did reduce wrinkling and dryer time, which eases wear and tear on clothes and saves energy. They also worked even for my sister-in-law, who has some wool allergies. Not using fabric softener means you'll save more than you spent on the dryer balls in a short amount of time, and you'll save a little bit on energy costs too!

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