Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Empowering Education: Edmodo GS4 Echat

Hosted by Edmodo (@edmodo) and The Global Search for Education (@CMRubinWorld) with Featured Guests Dr. William Gaudelli (Department Chair and Associate Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University), Jessica Kehayes (Executive Director Education, Asia Society), and Dana Mortenson (Co-Founder and Executive Director, World Savvy).
At Edmodo and The Global Search for Education, we're passionate about helping our global network of educators engage and support the increasingly diverse student populations present in their classrooms. From our discussions with global thought leaders to our teacher groups to subject area communities, we see that teachers are sharing innovative ways to foster global consciousness in their students.
The weekly Global Search for Education articles that run on the Edmodo blog supplement these discussions through global reporting on education's current hot topics and interviews with influencers in the field.
Now it's time to expand and take these critical conversations to Twitter and beyond!
The March 2 Twitter Chat will focus on the awesome and inspiring ways that teachers embrace cultural diversity in the classroom to foster meaningful learning experiences for students of all backgrounds.
The beauty of this Global Education Event is that you can join it Anyplace Anytime Anywhere from your mobile phone or other device for just one hour. All you need to do at the time of the chat is enter our hashtag #EdmodoGS4EChat in the search bar on twitter and click the Live icon to follow the chat as it occurs. We invite educators, parents and students all over the world to share great multicultural anecdotes, resources, activities, and lessons learned. We ask that you check out our Featured Guests in this article here. Two additional Global Search for Education articles which may be of interest are Trends and Successful Integration Strategies for Migrants.
Edmodo's global network supports, empowers, and inspires teachers as they work to improve learning outcomes, for their students and themselves. On Edmodo's premier education collaboration platform, teachers are at the center of a dynamic and engaging network that connects them to students, administrators and parents. Founded in 2008 and used by more than 370,000 schools in over 190 countries with 60 million users, Edmodo was designed to protect the privacy and security of students and teachers by providing a closed, private platform in which they can connect, share content, and leverage educational apps to augment in-classroom learning. With tools that can be used in and out of the classroom, Edmodo can help you quickly scale communication and collaboration with school, regional, and government accounts.
Founded in 2010, The Global Search for Education has become a highly visible platform for global discourse on 21st century education. The company is respected for publishing a diverse range of innovative ideas that are presented by the founder, C. M. Rubin, together with the world's thought leaders in education and innovation. Our interviews and articles covering the vital issues faced today are intended to be of integral value to parents, students, and educators who are our readers around the world.

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