Thursday, March 10, 2016

4 Home Improvements Your Kids Will Love

Updating your home's aesthetic can be fun for you, but what if you could make it fun for your kids, too? There are endless possibilities to include new colors, improvements, and projects that will keep your kids as entertained as you will be. If you can get your kids on the construction process, that's even better!
Stained Glass Film
Putting stained glass film on your windows can be done very inexpensively and the results can be absolutely beautiful. With the gorgeous colors seeping through the window light, your kids are sure to love the vibrant glow the films can give to any room. Instead of paying for real stained glass windows, you can get easily replaceable films to switch out during the seasons, or even when you feel like giving your home a new vibe. There are a wide range of styles, from florals to geometric ships and kids will take a liking to the fun colors and patterns. The application for the temporary film can be very easy, but you can also opt for a more timeless and expensive film to last your home's lifetime.
Chalkboard Paint
Give your kitchen or living room a fun new look with chalkboard paint that's accessible to your kids! Provide them with some colorful chalk and they'll feel like rebels for drawing on the walls but now, it's encouraged! Painting your walls to add a chalkboard gives a room a much homier feeling. It can serve as evidence that life goes on in your house, and that there's even some creative life, too! You don't have to only use the chalkboard as an art project, though. You can create grocery lists, movie suggestions for a night in, or even leave notes for other family members. Chalkboard paint is an adorable way to let you and your family express yourselves.
Custom Showers and Baths
A custom shower or bath can create a whole new experience for a kid's shower time. With fancy and smooth marbles, calming color schemes and soft shower heads, you might have to fight with your kids to get them out of the shower! A custom shower can completely transform a bathroom, and the best part is that you get to construct it exactly how you like it. There are thousands of ways to create a new shower - wall tiles, floor tiles, shower heads, shelves, seats and more can give you a perfect place to start your morning. For the kids you can change the lighting, add waterproof speakers, or any number of fun other things. The great thing about custom showers is that they'll also last you a long time when done professionally and with high quality materials. For a little bit of a construction hassle now, you can have a beautiful and comfortable shower for decades.
Reading Nook
Dedicating a space in your home for bookshelves, pillows and comfy blankets will encourage you and your kids to set aside time to relax with a book. Sitting on the couch right in front of the tv can be too distracting for anybody to focus on reading, so get yourself a spot under a window or hidden away to create a distraction-free space to focus. Getting kids to love reading from early on will help them to find that there is joy in learning and seeking new worlds - an invaluable lesson. Better yet, you and your kids can cuddle up together and read as a family. Or, you can use your nook when the kids are asleep to enjoy your own favorite books.
These are just a few ideas for projects you can take on that your kids will love, too. If they can participate in something, especially alongside one of their parents, they'll feel like the house is a home.

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