Thursday, March 24, 2016

Amazing Apps: Peppy Pals

Peppy Pals, a game that helps teach children empathy, has quickly gained in popularity among children, parents, and teachers in Sweden, has earned an impressive list of awards, has become a recommended app multiple times by Amazon, and is now available in the U.S.
In a world of constant bullying, where 85 percent of all children become victims themselves, many parents are left searching for ways to connect with and teach their children the valuable qualities of empathy and emotional intelligence (EQ).
To solve this problem, mother of two and entrepreneur Rosie Linder believes that you need to start this education young. Linder worked with psychologists and EQ experts to create Peppy Pals, a high quality children’s game that is both entertaining and educational. Peppy Pals consists of three apps that allow for a fun, interactive experience that also teach children valuable lessons in EQ. The games consist of (also bundled together for $7.99; available via iOS, Android and Amazon):
  • Peppy Pals Farm, $3.99
  • Peppy Pals Beach, $4.99
  • Reggy’s Play Date, $1.99
The digital game studio, Peppy Pals, was founded in Sweden by Rosie Linder in 2013. With two daughters growing up in the digital era, Rosie had a dream to create a high quality children’s games that was both entertaining and educational. Rosie partnered with the award-winning game developer, Talawa Games, with the aim of creating a fun, interactive app that taught children valuable lessons in emotional intelligence. Peppy Pals is award winning, and the goal of the Peppy Pals team is to create a better world and improve society. Research shows that EQ can be taught and mastering these social skills can help children stay out of trouble and increases their academic skills and future successes as adults.

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