Thursday, March 3, 2016

Book Nook: Otter Tales

No one likes to learn lessons the hard way. Fortunately, Kathleen Morrissey makes teaching essential lessons to children fun. In her new book, “Otter Tales,” Morrissey teaches children about otter behavior while instilling the moral that parents know what’s best for their children.
Morrissey’s inspiration derives from one particular experience with otters on one of her many family outdoor adventures to the San Juan Islands. “All my books carry themes related to family, vacations, animals and adventures,” Morrissey said. “They also include being safe, watching out for one another, and following sound safety rules.”
I had a chance to review the book, which had three otters naturally get in trouble on their own. However, they learned lessons along the way that kept them safe. It was a good read for upper elementary kids, especially those who love nature and water. I think it does a good job of fulfilling the authors purpose: to appreciate a parent's role while discovering the adventures in nature.

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About the author
Kathleen Morrissey is the author of three other childrens’ books, “Walter and Mike Get Their Own Fun Park Pool,” “Bunny Foodie Adventures” and “The Lonely Noodle.” She is devoted to her family and has enjoyed taking trips with them for over 40. Morrissey currently resides outside of Seattle.

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