Thursday, March 3, 2016

Book Nook: Spring Titles from Capstone

Books are an awesome addition to an Easter basket. I give books to my goddaughter and my own kids, instead of just giving candy (they get that anyway from grandparents). Capstone Publishing has quite a few fun spring titles which I got to review and my girls are going to love.

Too Many Carrots is an adorable book about a rabbit who just doesn't have enough room for his carrots in his on house, so he tries to squeeze himself - and his carrots - into his friends' houses, destroying each one in turn. The ending is a good lesson about sharing and being unselfish.

Hopping Hero is a great book for kids who like superheroes, which my daughter loves. It's part of the DC Super Pets collection, and has a comic-book style that is fun to read, with conflicts and heroes appropriate for young readers. It also includes lessons about working together and features a villainous crocodile.

My older daughter loves art, which is why Girl Plus Pen will be a great gift for her for Easter. It has ideas for doodles and swirls, instructions for detailed designs, and ways to draw beautiful word art. The instructions are easy to follow, but allow enough room for creativity to shine through.

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