Friday, April 1, 2016

Shopping Savings: FireAvert

After years of fighting fires that were caused by unattended ranges, firefighter Peter Thorpe created a solution to stop stove fires from happening and it is saving lives—including the lives of vulnerable families with children who have autism.  
After saving her own children from harm and house from going up in flames, see what this mother of an independent 11-year-old autistic son had to share:
“FireAvert saved my home from going up in flames. And I don’t even want to think about what would have happened to my kids… My 11-year-old loves to cook and we love to give him chances to learn and express himself.  We were home when he had decided to make lunch on the flat top stove and I stepped outside for a few minutes. My son was distracted and left the hot pad on the stove but left the room. When my 6-year old came running out of the house covering his ears from the fire-alarm, I ran home to a slightly smoky kitchen, NO FIRE, and a safe family.  FireAvert really worked!
I am part of a “Mothers of Autism” group and I recommend FireAvert to everyone there. Every family should have a FireAvert unit installed in their home.
It is simple to install and we didn’t even have to reset it after the accident”

With kitchen fires as the number one cause of home fires in the U.S. today, this means that on average, over 162,000 home fires that directly involve cooking equipment are being reported yearly. Thousands of people are severely injured, and 500 people will lose their lives from electrical house fires EACH YEAR.  

How does FireAvert work?  
FireAvert automatically shuts off the stove in the event that smoke is detected. FireAvert is a simple wall unit you plug your stove into, much like a surge protector. It then has the ability to shut off your stove at the first sign of smoke by syncing with your smoke alarm. It’s the only product on the market that prevents kitchen fires BEFORE they start; as there is always smoke before a flame. FireAvert is designed to only cut power if the stove is on and the smoke alarm is sounding for at least 15 seconds. The good news is other noises such as loud voices, music, toys or TVs will not trigger it.

This product is especially important for safety and easy to install!
If a senior citizen lives alone, or there’s a child, like many who like to cook, FireAvert gives peace of mind to their families and caretakers while they step away for a moment, so your family members don’t have to add to the statistics of injuries and deaths! The best part is FireAvert requires no tools or professional skills; and is reusable, maintenance free and doesn’t expire. FireAvert comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and has a 1-year warranty.

You can save 20% during the month of April with code safe2016.

About the Company
FireAvert founder and active firefighter, Peter Thorpe, was just recently on the popular show Shark Tank. It is the only product on the market that prevents kitchen fires and Lori Greiner invested in the product. FireAvert was presented on the show; and the company received an investment to get off the ground and running. Developed and designed the solution to offer independence and peace of mind for the families everywhere, Peter is helping prevent fires and saving lives both on and off the clock. To learn more, visit

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