Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Consumer Critique: U.S. Organic Anti-Bug Spray

As we head into summer, we're spending lots of time outside. In some areas, that means lots of chances for bugs to bite. There's increasing awareness of the diseases some bugs carry, especially West Nile and Zika virus. Plus, bug bites just aren't fun. I want to be able to enjoy time outside with my family, but also have a safe bug repellent to prevent those bites.

I was happy to try out U.S. Organic's Insect Repellent. I loved that the products are certified organic. They have one formula for indoor use (cloth, bed, curtain, etc) which I decided to try out on our curtains where we have the windows open and bugs seem to sneak in through the screen. At the end of the day there weren't any bugs in the window I tested it on, and two in the other window. Not a huge sample of data, but we don't get a ton of bugs in that way anyway.

Where it was more obvious that it worked was outdoors. It worked as well as any other bug spray I've used - not perfect, but my daughter with bug spray had fewer bites than the daughter who didn't, even when I swapped who I tested it on.

The scent is pleasant, the spray doesn't have a sticky feel, and it's DEET-free. It's not tested on animals and contains no synthetic chemicals or alcohol.

You can buy U.S. Organic products online or at a variety of retailers mostly in the southern states.

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