Friday, June 17, 2016

Sweepstakes: Great Gray Whale Migration Expedition

Travel with the Oceanic Society to experience magical, close encounters with the friendly gray whale mothers and calves of San Ignacio Lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage site. You and a guest will also visit the beautiful Sea of Cortez for snorkeling and whale watching during this weeklong Baja adventure.

The highlight of the trip is the three full days spent with gray whale mothers and their curious calves in San Ignacio Lagoon. The protected lagoon is also a wintering ground for migrating birds, and one may see white ibis, elegant terns, reddish egrets, brown pelicans, Brandt's cormorants, brant geese, and others. The expedition also explores the wildlife of the productive and diverse Sea of Cortez, which is home to more than 650 tropical and temperate fish (90 of them endemic) and one-third of the world's whale and dolphin species. On land, an exceptional 695 vascular plant species are scattered among colorful and rugged desert landscapes. On our excursions we have the possibility to see humpback, blue, fin, Bryde's, and sperm whales, dolphins, sea lions, "flying" rays, and many bird species. In addition to this expedition of a lifetime, the grand prize winner will receive $2,000 toward airfare and accommodations and $500 to purchase camera equipment to make sure to document your extraordinary up-close interactions with these magnificent creatures of the deep. The Oceanic Society is a nonprofit organization, and every trip supports ocean conservation. The dates of the expedition are Feb. 24 to March 4, 2017.

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