Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Amazing Apps: NicoNotes

Children can now play with the NicoNotes (iTunes and Android), the most adorable musical notes in the world and stars of NicoNotes Composer, a one-of-a-kind FREE app that introduces music composition in creative and playful ways. This innovative learning platform for children 6 to 10 years is also a great app for parents and teachers interested in blending music education and entertainment.  The app is available on iOS and Android in English and Spanish, with more languages coming soon.

NicoNotes are magical little owl-like characters, each a musical note with a unique personality and vibrant color.  When children place them on the musical staff the composing begins and the music comes alive!  NicoNotes Composer features the MIPS (Musical Instrument Pets) - delightful animated instrument characters including Chopin the piano, Strad the violin, Claire the clarinet and many more. Children can adopt them to add instruments to their compositions and can visit the NicoNotes and MIPS in their magical Whistlers World homes to learn more about them. 

"Music is a common thread that connects people of all cultures," said Nicolle Ruetz, CEO and Founder of Whistlers World. "We are creating a magical world of music, a global playground, where children from all over the world can learn from each other using music, imagination and discovery."

Inspired by her work with children, families and schools in many different countries around the world, Nicolle wrote the Whistlers World story about a magical place where all can communicate through language of music.  Whistlers World is the inspirational source for an expanding collection of interactive e-stories, apps, videos and online games being developed by Nicolle and her team. 

 NicoNotes Composer combines learning and unlimited play as it gives children their first look into this magical world of music.

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  1. Wow, my kids love this app. They can composes their own songs and play with the instruments (MIPS).