Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Book Nook: The Girl Who Could Read Hearts

I recently had a chance to review the book The Girl Who Could Read Hearts. The concept of the book has a unique source.

“This story came to me in a dream where my deceased sister shouted to me from a mountain top,” Sherry Maysonave says. “One of her messages was clear: she was alive and well in the afterlife. Yet there was something else she was telling me, and that eluded me in the dream. But for the rest of the night, words tumbled endlessly through my head. The next morning, I went to my computer and the story of ‘The Girl Who Could Read Hearts’ was born and began pouring out.”
In the story, Kate Kindrick has a heightened sense of intuition, but also has a rare seventh sense - the ability to read human hearts. She has a hard time understanding her perceptions and the symbols and patterns of color she sees in others around her. This means she misses a warning that causes her world to spiral downward, creating danger for her and her loved ones.

It's an interesting book that tackles abuse, eating disorders, prejudice, love, afterlife, and the presence of God. The book weaves together social and personal conflicts to create a book appropriate for young adult or adult readers, one that will reach each one different depending on which part of the story they resonate with most.

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