Friday, July 8, 2016

Book Nook: Inkspirations for a Happy Heart

Life is hectic, and we tend to overschedule ourselves. Added to that stress is the stress of the world around us, with bad news bombarded at us on TV, radio, and other media sources. Not only that, but politics and religion divide us even further. We need to take time to reflect, and sometimes it helps to get back to a childhood habit - coloring.

Inkspirations makes beautiful adult coloring books that contain inspiring quotes, targeted to a specific audience. I recently got to review Inkspirations for a Happy Heart with quotes that encourage optimism and positive energy. The pictures are detailed enough to be interesting, but not so detailed that they are difficult for non-artists to color. It feels good to complete a work of art, and to meditate on the quotes while they're being completed.

Inkspirations has a range of books to match many interests - animals, cats, garden, dogs, and more.

Diane Yi’s work is in private collections worldwide. She lives near Kansas City with her husband and two dogs. In addition to her other awards, during the Kansas City Cow Parade, her design was chosen by Hallmark, Inc., to be produced on T-shirts as well as stuffed toys and ceramic figurines. Diane draws her inspiration from nature, beauty, and the sacredness of the human spirit.

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