Friday, July 1, 2016

Book Nook: Investing Simplified

I recently had a chance to review Investing Simplified by Chuck Price. What I liked about the book is that it's not just written by one person, so as a reader, I got several different viewpoints, that still worked together to form a cohesive whole.

Investing can be a very complicated subject. Honestly, despite my love of numbers and data as a math teacher, I remember asking my grandpa multiple times to explain the stock market to me and still not quite getting it. This book aims to educate the average person to understand their investments better - to work with their financial advisor to get a better understanding of the big picture, to better investigate choices of financial products, and to ask the right questions of your financial planner to make sure you're using the right products.

Planning for your future is important - long-term care, retirement, wills and estate planning all have financial implications for you and your family. If you don't fully understand what you're doing, it's hard to maximize your earning.

Chuck Price, CRFA, CSA, is President and Wealth Manager for Price Financial Group Wealth Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor firm in Portland, Oregon. He has 40 years of financial experience and is a member of both the HS Dent Advisor Network and the Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisor group. Chuck is host of the popular radio show Investing Simplified® that airs live Saturday mornings on Freedom970. It is the longest running radio financial show that features a Wealth Manager, Estate Planning Attorney and a CPA. To hear some of his advice from the show go to

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