Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Soul Sustenance: The Final Service

I recently wrote a review of the book The Final Service, about a woman who has to clean up her dad's shed seemingly full of junk. I had a chance to interview the author to learn more about the book and PTSD.

What was the inspiration behind the final service?
The Final Service is based upon a true story and the true life relationship between a father and daughter. As I watched the real story unfold in her life, I became fascinated by how the "real Sandy" and her pain and anger with her father could benefit others in the form of a novel.

Why is it important to understand the many ways of grieving?
Grief is a painful and often times a debilitating state of mind. It's important to understand that grief should be a journey and not a destination. The journey is painful but can also be an enlightening learning experience if we make grief something we move through rather than travel to and remain. Understanding the stages of grief helps us moving from one to the other

How can people learn more about PTSD if they suspect a family member has the condition?
Dr. Supid Bose is one of the worlds leading authorities on PTSD. His website, is an excellent source of information.

How can people support family members with PTSD or their caretakers?
Learn everything you can about PTSD and with knowledge comes understanding. Again, Dr. Bose is an excellent source of information for family members. I'd also humbly suggest that anyone with a friend or family member suffering from PTSD should read The Final Service.

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