Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Contest: Curious George Documentary

Ema Yamazaki, director of  MONKEY BUSINESS: The Adventures of George’s Curious Creators, details the lives of Hans and Margret Rey. She wants to show the impact Hans and Margret have left behind - how George continues to live in the lives of us and our children, well into the 21st century.

For this section of the film, you can send in you and your children’s favorite moments with George. This could be a book reading, watching the TV show, holding a stuffed George monkey, playing a George video game, having a George-themed birthday party. Even using a George tooth brush would be awesome. In however way you or your children interact with Curious George, we want to see it! Also, have your kids tell us why they love Curious George.

Starting today, she is calling on you to post video clips on social media with the hashtag #ILoveThatMonkey. Some of the clips will be used in the final documentary. They will also be sharing some of our favorites on social media throughout the campaign.

You can support the documentary in its Kickstarter campaign.

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