Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Website Spotlight: PodKeeper

PodKeeper, the online organizer for busy parents with busy kids, today announced key findings from its “Busy Parents” survey, including the troubling discovery that nearly forty percent of parents have messed up picking up or dropping off their kids from extracurricular activities because of disorganization.
Roughly eighty percent of parents polled say each of their children are involved in two or more activities in any given year.  While parents agree that extracurriculars provide great opportunities for children, more than half (55%) of parents describe these group activities as time consuming and another 35 percent say they’re stressful. Nearly two-thirds of those polled say they have purposely not volunteered to lead one of their kids’ activities because of the difficulty of managing the day-to-day details.
The vast majority (81%) of parents are still using group email lists to keep children’s activities organized, according to those surveyed. However, parents are completely frustrated with using group email lists and see the process as inefficient; as they get inundated with annoying reply-all emails and have to find important details that get buried in their email inbox. Nikki Sacks and Steven Sacks, who are the co-founders of PodKeeper, as well as a room mom and youth soccer coach, created an online organizer at PodKeeper.com to make life easier for busy parents.
PodKeeper is a game changer for parents as they can easily access the schedules and details for many groups from a single dashboard. Through the PodKeeper web app, parents simply create an online group called a “Pod,” invite other parents to join, and finally have a place to stay on top of all the details. They can also manage household details with their spouse or a co-parent by creating a family Pod. PodKeeper acts as a personal planner app and syncs with online calendars.
PodKeeper has already helped tens of thousands of busy parents stay on top of the day-to-day details of their children’s extracurricular activities, and the company expects rapid growth over the next year.
The PodKeeper “Busy Parents” survey was completed by parents nationwide with children aged 3-15, which is a segment that represents 25 percent of the U.S. population.  PodKeeper can be accessed from a computer, tablet or mobile phone; it takes only one minute to sign up and is completely free. Learn more by visiting http://www.podkeeper.com, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube. Download high-resolution images here.

About PodKeeper
PodKeeper is the free online group calendar and family organizer web app for anyone who manages a youth sports team, scout troop, PTA or is a room parent for a school class. As an online organizer, PodKeeper allows parents to seamlessly schedule events, create sign up lists, store files and photos, and provide reminders and important last minute updates. PodKeeper was co-founded by Nikki Sacks and Steven Sacks, two successful executives-turned-entrepreneurs who are committed to providing “usable technology” that helps parents keep organized with minimal effort. PodKeeper is completely free and available at www.podkeeper.com.

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