Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Caring Causes: IMAD Jewelry

Looking for a unique gift that your animal loving friend will cherish forever? IMAD offers an animal-themed charm collection that will not only make for the perfect holiday gift, but will also encourage people to make a difference towards the preservation of animal life.

IMAD is an eco-friendly, fashion jewelry brand committed to fighting animal injustices through their Domestic & Endangered Animal Pendant Collection. IMAD stands for “I Made A Difference,” and has made giving back to vulnerable animals a key component to their brand by donating $1 to the Animal Welfare Institute. When you purchase an IMAD pendant, $1 of that sale will be donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, an organization dedicated to the better treatment of all animals. 

It’s basically giving two gifts - the one you bought and the donation that helps save animals in critical danger.

See why IMAD is at the top of every animal lover’s holiday list:  

  • IMAD offers a wide range of necklaces, pendants, gemstones, keychains and treats.
  • The Domestic & Endangered Animal Pendant Collection contains 5 endangered animals and 10 different dog breeds.
  • The back of each pendant is beautifully engraved with the name of the animal. 
  • Great holiday gift and eco-friendly products for the animal lover or wildlife enthusiast who loves a meaningful story behind their products. 
  • Raise awareness for the injustice animals face worldwide, such as pollution, puppy mills, dog fighting and more. 
  • All IMAD products are made in the USA *with the exception of gemstones which have various countries of origin. 
  • Each pendant is manufactured in Rhode Island made from antique recycled bronze metal.

Bring an animal lover and their pet a little closer together this holiday season with a special gift from IMAD.These fun, pet-themed charms serve as a fashionable reminder of the difference and change you’ve inspired by giving a voice to the voiceless.

Based out of Troy, New York, IMAD is a fashion jewelry company that gives consumers the opportunity to support threatened animals through jewelry. IMAD hopes to increase public knowledge of vulnerable animals, preserve the future of the planet through sustainable production and promote domestic engineering through US factories.

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