Friday, January 6, 2017

Book Nook: I'm 93. Why Am I Still Alive?

I recently had a chance to review a book by an aged author with a sense of humor. Alan Mayer's third book, I'm 93. Why Am I Still Alive?, is written with a no-nonsense yet humorous approach. This book focuses on his brushes with death ove rthe years, from illness and other things. Despite it all, he's continued to be energetic, yet struggled to find meaning, especially after the death of his wife and many friends.

It can be a great read for anyone who is advanced in years or their loved ones or caregivers. It helps readers see the value in a life well-lived and the contributions that can continue to be made. We may not know why we are given a long life on this earth, but some of us are, and it's refreshing to see someone who can approach it with humor and inquiry instead of despair and longing for the end like some older people start to do.

The book is a fast read, with brief anecdotes. It definitely has the tone of an old grandfather sharing stories, sometimes loosely related, not always in chronogical order, but still with a sense of wisdom gained over the life lived.

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