Friday, January 6, 2017

Book Nook: What's YOUR Birthday Wish?

As protests and bullying continue, early childhood education expert and award-winning author, J.E. Laufer, hopes parents can set good examples for their children this post-election season. I recently had a chance to review her new book, What’s YOUR Birthday Wish? , which provides an opportunity for parents to talk about the negative behaviors they may observe and recognize how these behaviors make us feel and how we can impact others with our behaviors. 

Her books all deal with some area of social and emotional growth, and in What’s YOUR Birthday Wish? More Adventures in Gigglyville children of all ages are taken to a make-believe world of colorful adventure where any wish can come true. Gigglyville is just such a happy name for a place in a children's book, and the entire book is lighthearted and fun, providing gentle lessons but not being dry or boring. It's a great book to read to encourage positive interactions with others in an entertaining way.

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