Thursday, January 19, 2017

Caring Causes: #IDontDoUgly

At a very early age, Jason Pinchoff suffered the loss of his family, including his mother who lost her battle to breast cancer, the entrepreneur turned his pain into a business plan that would help others as he coped.  He created the The Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation to raise cancer awareness that also helps focus on not only the victims suffering, but the families who suffer with them as well. He introduced a fashion line called A PINCH LIFE to provide accessories such as hats for children in hospitals. His inspiration continued to flourish and finally, he launched the I Don’t Do Ugly campaign.
I Don’t Do Ugly is a campaign inspired by cancer patients that curbs the hatefulness out of the word “ugly” and transforms it a declaration of independence from the scars of the illness, hurtfulness, and negative purpose. Pinchoff launched the anti-bullying campaign with an array of tees and accessories with the slogan on them. The hashtag, #IDontDoUgly, isn’t just relevant to cancer patients. People are using it to combat all forms of bullying. 
"If you don't learn how to treat society right, nothing else at the end of the day really matters ... We've got to find a way for people to come back together” -Jason Pinchoff
Pinchoff challenges people to take a picture of themselves with a #IDontDoUgly sign, share their personal stories and triumphs over negativity on social media, and challenge their friends to do the same.  And if you're wearing one of Pinchoff's shirts or hats - all the better. 
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