Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Consumer Critique:

The last time I got glasses was years ago. So long ago, that the glasses are almost as old as my first-grade daughter. I typically wear contacts, so it's not a huge issue, but when I had the chance to do a review for I decided it's a great time to upgrade.

The last time I bought glasses was online, so I had done it before. As long as you know your prescription and pupillary distance, the process goes fairly smoothly (although even you have very unique prescription needs it may be a little more challenging). The pair I got is fun, yet classy. From the front they look like black frames, from the side you can see just a pop of color, but the inside of the frames are really colorful for a little bit of extra fun.

The frames are a good value - this frame would have been just over $30 - and it's fairly comfortable. I don't wear my glasses often, but when I'm wearing them for just a few hours a day they work nicely. It's easy to search by color or by frame style to find just what works for you. They also make it easy to find all sales and promotions with a big "promotions and coupons" tab!

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