Friday, February 3, 2017

Giveaway: Entitlemania: How Not to Spoil Your Kids, and What to Do If You Have

I have a chance to giveaway a new book by Richard Watts,  Entitlemania: How Not to Spoil Your Kids, and What to Do If You Have.

Entitlemania is a book intending to be practical for parents in any income bracket. Watts is a veteran advisor and serves as legal counsel to some of America's most successful families, and in Entitlemania reveals an incredibly unique and insightful perspective to the increasingly pervasive issue of 'entitlement' in today's children.
About Entitlemania

For everything you give your child, you take something away.

ENTITLEMANIA IS AN EPIDEMIC. Well-intentioned parents across the country are enabling a ''me'' generation of children who lack the wisdom and satisfaction of accomplishment that only struggle and adversity can bring. 

Entitlemania will teach you how to redirect kids and repair adults who believe the world owes them something. Your greatest challenge may be learning to control your own actions! 

Entitlemania also provides practical strategies like creating boundaries, walking your talk, and allowing children to fend for themselves. A groundbreaking book that sheds important light on an increasingly pervasive social trend affecting children at every age—and at every income bracket! The big takeaway for parents: You may have to let your children fail so they can learn how to succeed.

About Richard Watts

As personal advisor and legal counsel to the super wealthy, Richard Watts spends his workdays within the castle walls of America’s most successful families. Called on to guide his clients through some of the most intimate and difficult decisions they have to make, his primary passion is conveying the wisdoms of life through his practice, lectures, and writings. He is the founder and President of Family Business Office, a legal and consulting firm in Santa Ana, California.

If you're interested in receiving a copy of the book, leave a comment with why you're interested in reading it. Deadline is February 10th.

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  1. I think this Entitlemania is what we see in some of the protests right now-they are never told no and participation awards for sports

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