Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Money Makers: Making Money with Your Honey

I recently had a chance to interview Avon representatives Melissa and David Owens and Milagros and Carlos Garcia about what it's like to work with your partner!


1. How did you make the transition from "side hustle" to full-time gig? 
Taking the step is huge! I always knew that I could do more if I could focus on Avon and didn't have a full time job. God kept sending me signs, but I didn't have enough faith to take the leap, so about a year ago my job came to me and told me that they were doing away with my position. So, the leap was taken for me.

2. What are the challenges of working with your spouse? 
Sometimes we don't always see eye to eye on every way of doing business. I’ll have to explain why his way of doing things isn't going to work, or when my way flops and his way works, I can say “yeah you were right.”

3. What are some of the unexpected benefits? 
When you spend a lot of time together, you learn to get along. I don't have to deal with an unsupportive spouse, and we can grow our business much faster. I can't imagine having an unsupportive spouse and having to explain why I needed to work the Avon business instead of doing whatever he wanted to do. We have a common goal.

4. How do you juggle parenting and business from your home? 
It's so easy! I schedule my family time first and then work the business around it. Avon allows me the flexibility to rearrange my calendar, so I may have been busy with my kids during the day, but I can work on my Avon business at night. I think it's much harder to have a "job" from 9-5 and have a family and kids. Our kids were also involved with the business as they were growing up (we have a 24 year old and 17 year old), so if they were off from school for the day or summer break they went right along with me helping deliver orders, finding customers, doing events, job fairs, etc. It's truly been a family business.
Melissa and David Owens met at their local church youth group, were engaged on Valentine’s Day and are celebrating 29 years of marriage this year. They believe Avon fuels their relationship as they work together as a couple. After 21 years into their business they currently lead a team of over 150 representatives all over the country.


1.  How did you make the transition from "side hustle" to full-time gig?
The transition was necessary. I went from doing Avon only as a part-time side hustle and focusing on selling only, to doing Avon full-time including both selling and leadership. I was able to retire from a 7-year government job. 

2.  What are the challenges of working with your spouse?
We are both strong leaders. Carlos works a full-time job with shifts, that also includes weekends. We have to adjust to each other's schedule.

3.  What are some of the unexpected benefits?
We vacation and travel every year with Avon. We have become leaders and mentors through training and personal development. Avon has made us better people, which allows us to help others achieve the same. 

4.  How do you juggle parenting and business from your home?
We work around our family schedule. When our youngest son, Austin, was not of school age, he worked with me – going to appointments, events and he even traveled to many Avon trips. I was home every day when our older children came home from school. We did homework together and family dinner time at home.

Carlos and Milagros Garcia are not the Avon lady you are used to. Carlos previously worked as a Military Engineer and now he is a part-time firefighter and full-time beauty boss, fully believing in the goals and dreams of his wife. Together they now have an empire, leading 700 Avon representatives.

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